10 Memorable Days in Taiwan


Recently I sat down to write about my Top 10 memories of this year. Most of them were from Taiwan, as life has really calmed down a lot since I returned due to Covid (crazy to have so much free time! I'm getting really good at the Ocarina). Suddenly the memories started flowing out of … Continue reading 10 Memorable Days in Taiwan


2nd Place in Mandarin Speech Competition!

https://youtu.be/wsiOY9mD-a0 In June, all the Inbound exchange students gathered in Hsinchu for a Chinese Speech Competition. I prepared for two weeks beforehand and won 2nd place (2nd only to Callie of course!! I have her to thank for it as she really helped me learn a lot of Chinese during those hours we spent in … Continue reading 2nd Place in Mandarin Speech Competition!


Read Our Beaver Tales

What's a Beavertale, you ask? No, I'm not talking about the delicious Canadian dessert. District 7080 has Outbound exchange students write open letters home at 3 points in their year abroad. The letters, called "Beaver Tales", are posted on the District 7080 website. They act as a great memoir for us, an update for our … Continue reading Read Our Beaver Tales

海灘,山,和食物 ~ Mountains, oysters, and tying knots?


Before we begin, head over to Youtube to see my 3rd Month in Taiwan video by clicking on the blue text! 上星期,我們去海攤! 我們找牡蠣和蛤蠣! 很好玩! 我找了一點點,沒有很多,而我且很累了! 之後,在海灘,我們燒烤牡蠣,和吃很多海鮮。我吃報飽了,之後我們去吃火鍋和吃很多海鮮很好吃! 肚子很脹。 Last week, my family and my counselor Tom's family all went to the beach in Changhua to scavenge for clams and oysters. To get there, we rode in … Continue reading 海灘,山,和食物 ~ Mountains, oysters, and tying knots?


Advice from Exchange Students

Here you can find general advice other exchange students have given to me. I hope this helps! In Preparation For Exchange Study the language of your host country as much as possible!!!Write down your goals for exchange. Then write a letter to yourself outlining those goals and what you hope to achieve on exchange. Have … Continue reading Advice from Exchange Students


I Can Do It! Another Step Closer to Learning Chinese

Sitting at the computer, procrastinating on an English paper, I picked up my phone. I scrolled aimlessly through social media and started texting an Inbound who is in Taiwan for the 2018-2019 year. Her name is Laura. She's Canadian too, from District 7090, and lives only a few hours away from me (in Canada, not … Continue reading I Can Do It! Another Step Closer to Learning Chinese

Rotary Trainings: What to Learn

some pickles I have with blanket advice taught at many Outbound Training sessions “Always say Yes, to everything”, they tell you in the trainings. No offense to Rotary, but this is not great advice. In principle, it makes sense, and in the first few months it is crucial; if you decline opportunities because you're tired, … Continue reading Rotary Trainings: What to Learn